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to the Azores


The Azores UNESCO Global Geopark welcomes the 14th European Geoparks Conference, in 7th – 9th, September 2017, under the theme “GEOPARKS: PATHWAYS OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM FOR DEVELOPMENT”.

The 7th and 9th, September sessions will take place at the “Teatro Micaelense - Cultural and Conference Centre”, in Ponta Delgada city, S. Miguel Island, Azores Archipelago, Portugal. A mid-conference field trip in 8th, September will allow participants do discover and enjoy the wonders of S. Miguel Island

The Azores Archipelago, in the North Atlantic Ocean, has a rich and considerable geodiversity and an important geological heritage. These are revealed in the network of 121 geosites of significant scientific, educational and touristic value dispersed across the nine islands and the surrounding seafloor.

Volcanoes, calderas, maars, lakes, lava fields, fumaroles, thermal waters, volcanic caves, “fajãs”, fault scarps and marine fossil deposits, among many others, can be seen within the Azores UNESCO Global Geopark.

Committed through the development of sustainable tourism to improve the quality of life in the territory and making it a better place for future generations, the Azores Geopark offers unique natural and cultural experiences, supported by an international reputation for authenticity, responsibility, and the exemplary management of tourism as one of the world’s Top 100 Sustainable Destinations for 2016.

Thus we invite you all to visit the Azores UNESCO Global Geopark, to participate in the EGN Azores 2017 Conference, meet the Azorean people and volcanoes, and enjoy an eruption…of Flavors, Aromas and Experiences!

The Conference Chair

João Carlos Nunes

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